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Nov 30
The 2017 loppet is scheduled for Sunday January 22nd with a backup date of Sunday January 29th.

Like everyone waiting for our first big snowfall in the Bow Valley, loppet skiers are waiting for registration to open! Ongoing course routing discussions with Parks Canada and AltaLink have meant it is necessary to delay loppet registration by one week. Registration for the 2017 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay will open at 8AM on Saturday December 10th, on the website and NOT on Saturday December 3rd as was posted earlier.

Course Update:
There will be some minor course alterations this year due to AltaLink's utility powerline work between Lake Louise and Banff. There are no changes to the checkpoint locations and negligible distance differences to the legs. We anticipate the following changes to the course due to ongoing work crew activities:

Leg 1: Rather than turning right off the old Corral Creek roadbed and skiing along Corral Creek towards Morant’s Curve, skiers will continue straight to the Corral Creek picnic area at the Bow Valley Parkway, turn right and ski adjacent to the BVP and rejoin the trail before Morant’s Curve.

Leg 2: Leaving Baker Creek parking lot, the winter trail will be to the right side of the power line cut, rather than in its more usual centre placement. Further on, the trail will approach but not enter Protection Mountain Campground. The road crossing to the south side of the BVP will occur before PMC and connect with the usual winter trail paralleling the train tracks.

Leg 3: Leaving Castle Lookout parking lot, the winter trail will be as close as possible to the centre of the power line cut, as Altalink brush clearing could be in progress.

As loppet day approaches, we will update this information with any other changes.

Start your taper.

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Opens 8AM, Saturday December 10, 2016
Race Day is Sunday January 22, 2017
Backup is Sunday January 29, 2017


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