Quotes from participants in the Loppets:

“We can’t thank you enough for all your committee does in organizing the loppet.  It’s simply the BEST.  One of our favourite days of the year.  Thank you a hundred, no, a thousand times.  We’ve lucked into good weather for the past several years, but all your group does to make it fun and run smoothly is what really makes the difference.” (M&J M)
"Thanks for organizing another successful, wonderful loppet; we love it whether we ski or volunteer!” (C & J)
"Thanks again for all the organizing that goes into the loppet. I was reminiscing the first year we did it (08 or 09) when we were handed a brochure in the Cascade fire road parking lot and told we should really register for this loppet -turns out you were right (think that was Jo)- Thanks for the suggestion!” (H.V.)
"Thanks for all of the work you do to organize the loppet. This year was my first time, I did it solo, and had a great time! I love the grassroots feel of it!” (M.B.)
"A HUGE Kudo and Thanks to you and your amazing volunteers for staging such a wonderful, fun ski event. The course was in top condition, and the volunteers were friendly, fun and helpful. You should all be proud for hosting such a successful event." (M.Y.)
"Just want to say a big thankyou to everyone. Fun, excellent day yesterday - fabulous conditions. Our team had a blast. Thanks to Erwin too for the great buffet goodies. The whole event is wonderful and nice to see lots of young people out there." (M.G.)
"the loppet is a treasure..thanks to the team which creates the magic of the Lake Louise to Banff loppet…your team is part of this generation's backbone in Banff and its community. Well done. Thank you." (J.M.)
"A big thanks for the great day yesterday. I'm a first timer! My husband is a veteran. Really appreciate the huge efforts from all the volunteers." (P.G.)
"All Loppet Organizers and Volunteers, thank you for a fabulous day of skiing and camaraderie.  This is one of my favourite events of the winter.  We will be back next year." (K.A.)
"We really enjoyed your loppet.  You can't get any better scenery than that. Please thank those wonderful volunteers again from me." (A.B.)
"Great loppet….great organizers…great volunteers
Thanks to all of you for organizing and holding a great race yesterday. Amazing aid stations (and food)….and road crossings and support everywhere." (S.K.)
"I wanted to say thanks for such an enjoyable day in the mountains. You guys did a spectacular job looking out for us (mmm…those yummy brownies and sport drink), road and rail crossings, and having some semblance of a track for legs 4 and 5.  That was a true 'cross country' course!" (B.P.)
"Thank you so much for the 2009 race!  Our team had an absolute blast & we can't wait for next year.  Thanks for all your hard work!" (J.W.)
"Thank you very much for that wonderful race! Our team had such a great day! It was all our first time and we are already planning on training for next year. (A.B.)
"Thanks again for the opportunity to take part in what was one of my most memorable skis – and the one with the best post-event data!" (J.B. Ottawa)
"I just received the loppet results from Peter. I wanted to thank you for resurrecting this wonderful event. As usual, I had a great time. My official leg was the second one, but I also skied, just for fun, the fifth leg. You haven’t enjoyed cross country skiing at its finest until you’ve been through the Backswamp in a blizzard. I know how much work, time, and effort it takes to organize and pull this off. It’s much appreciated. And if all that isn’t enough, you also have by far the best door prizes of any race." (B.T. Calgary)
"I've lived in the Bow Valley on and off since 1967, am a ski freak, and had never participated in the Lake to Banff event before. It was simply GREAT! A big thank you to everyone who made it happen. I really appreciated the work of the volunteers. It was the most enjoyable race for me in years. I liked the good spirit and informality of the event. I skied 98% of the distance with my brother-in-law, which is what we had hoped to do, but ended up waiting for him at the finish line… Anyway, we crossed the finish line together, photo finish-style. Thanks again!" (J.H. Canmore)
"Many thanx for organising the race. It takes a lot of will power and dedication to do so and as a racer it was evident. We were well looked after, the "crew" was very friendly and actually asked if you needed help, compared to other races where you are looked at as you struggle at the check point. The friendly greeting and making sure I was alright whilst you were driving was way beyond expectations and extremely encouraging. I have done lots of loppets in Europe, Australia, Japan, America and here. (about 60 of them) and the Louise to Banff was one of the most pleasant ever. The course was so conducive to racing that it was just joy until we hit the brick wall of the arctic gale." (N.B. Canberra, Australia)

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