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Tuesday Jan 21

2020 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet Results

Link to Results Pages

6 PM Saturday Jan 18

Tomorrow’s loppet has your name written all over it! At 4:30pm it was -10C at the Chateau on Lake Louise! Forecast is an overnight low of -17C in LL, morning high of -11C and a Banff high of -2C.

Course info:
Leg 1:
- like last year, a quick climb off the lake to above the upper parking lot, fast winding descent (groomed, no track) to join the top of the Tramline trail
- Morant’s Curve: there is sufficient snow to ski on the groomed road shoulder up to rejoin the track (800m length)
Leg 2: marvellous!
Leg 3:
- after 3k from start at Castle Lookout, some water on groomed trail / flagged
- shortly after, there is 4k of set track on a utility road. Groomers did the best they could grooming and setting a track into the handpacked snowroad.
Leg 4:
- descent on Hillsdale Split is groomed, no track.

See you in the morning!

Wednesday Jan 15

The sun and moon are aligning with warmer temps for the end of the week! Current forecasts suggest a Lake Louise low Saturday night of -17C and a Sunday morning high of -12C. The downhill start will be nippy - dress accordingly. Sunday’s high in Banff is -5C.

Track setters will resume grooming tomorrow. Check this website periodically for trail updates. Our final update will be posted by 6 pm Saturday.

Start your taper. Or start your training.

Thursday Jan 9

Volunteers have been busy preparing the loppet trail since last w/e. On leg 1 snow has been moved under the TCH overpasses outside Lake Louise and the snow ramp up to BVP at Morant’s Curve has been completed. On leg 4, the annual AT ascent of the Hillsdale Split was done to pack the snow before our sled was used. On Sunday, leg 2 was groomed and set from Baker Creek to Castle Lookout. It’s beautiful! Other parts of the course will be repacked and track set in the coming days. Check back here for updates.

With the approaching cold snap, we are monitoring various weather forecasts carefully. Our cut-off temp is -22C throughout the event. By the middle of next week when the forecasts are more accurate, the organizers will provide a temperature related update (as planned, delayed start, postponement of one week). The Pineapple Express is expected by the middle of next week when the temperatures are forecasted to warm up again. Yeah!

Skiers are invited to use the shower facilities at the Sally Borden Building at Banff Centre. Free towel and entrance will be given by showing your race bib.

Note however, that the reception scheduled for 4pm is at the Banff Park Lodge (Lynx St., downtown Banff) and NOT at the Kinnear Centre adjacent to the SBB, as has been the case in the past.

Course Inspection


Course prep


Wednesday Jan 1

HNY all! This is a reminder that the deadline for partial refunds ($35) is Friday Jan. 3 by 6 pm. Please send a note to ac.teppol|oj#ac.teppol|oj that you are unable to attend (Sorry to hear that.) and we will pass your spot onto someone in the waiting pool.

The current start list is here.

Monday Dec 23

Here is the current start list. If changes occur, the list will be updated.

  • For Teams: Which skier skis which leg is unimportant to the timekeepers.
  • The Deadline for Partial Refunds: Friday Jan. 3, 2020. Please email us at ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni if you have any name changes or cancellations so that we can offer cancelled spots to skiers in the waiting pool.

Thursday Nov 14

Hello Loppet enthusiasts!

We are pleased to announce that registration will open at 0800h on on Sunday, December 1, 2019. We have expanded to account for the spring chickens. Categories are as follows (*age on day of competition, January 19, 2020)

Solo Men and Women Categories:
Under 30
Age 30 - 50
Age 50 - 65
Age 65+

Relay Team Categories:
Mixed (mixed-gender)
Mixed 40+ (mixed-gender, average age over 40)
Family (related by blood or marriage)

Thanks for your continued support and see you on the trails!

Wednesday Oct 9

Hello Loppet enthusiasts!

We are excited to inform you that the LL to Banff Loppet and relay will be hosted on Sunday, January 19, 2020. Same course, same format. Heidi Widmer, 28 years old and born and raised in Banff, is a former member of the Canadian and Swiss cross-country national ski teams and couldn’t stand to see the loppet tradition end. Please stay tuned as a green Heidi and an experienced volunteer team work together to keep the experience alive. She may not encourage as much tapering ;)

Monday Jan 21

2019 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet Results

Link to Results Pages

Saturday Jan 19

We’re ready, Freddie! The entire 50k's have been track set today; thank’s to the Chateau, Parks, Baker Creek and the Banff loppet crew of criminals. A few cm’s of new snow last night, forecasted 0900h temp -12C at the start, finish temp -3C. As appropriate, the loppet trail is marked with orange flags.

Leg 1:
a) Because of road plowing in the lower parking lot, the Chateau crew have set our track off the lake to climb up above the upper parking lot, then descend down to the Tramline. It will be fast! Skiers will need to exercise caution on the descent.
b) As usual, at the 1st/upper crossing on the Chateau road, vehicles have the right-of-way and volunteers may stop you.
c) It is recommended that skiers take off their skis and run up Morant’s Curve.
d) About 3 km before Baker Creek, utility crews have plowed out some track, but track setters indicated skiers can keep their skis on.

Leg 2: About 1.5 km east of Baker, skiers will cross the BVP well before Protection Mtn Campground. A new trail has been cut and track set on the south side of the BVP, parallel to the rail line.

Leg 3: As skiers enter Johnston Canyon Campground, they will be directed by a volunteer to take off their skis and run 300m to the checkpoint. Construction and overflow parking prevent a track being set.

Leg 4: The steeper descents on the Hillsdale Split are groomed but not set. Signs are posted.  Skiers may elect to take off their skis and run down the side of the road. 

Start your taper.

Wednesday Jan 16

Trail Report: We think the sun and moon are aligning for a fun loppet…there isn’t as much snow as we’d like east of Castle, but so it goes. With the return of cooler temps, crews have been out moving snow and preparing the track. Today snow was moved under the TCH bridges in Lake Louise and the ramp was built at Morant’s Curve. Tracks will be reset over the next 3 days. With varying snow cover, particularly after Castle Junction, ‘rock’ skis and large basket poles are advised. The loppet trail will be flagged where necessary with small orange flags stuck in the snow.


Leg 1:
- Parks have plowed out a short portion of the trail near the Chateau parking lots, just before dropping onto the Tramline. There may not be a track but the Chateau track setters hope to have it skiable.
- Without new snowfalls before Sunday morning, expect the usual at Morant’s Curve: a 600m jog on the edge of the BVP.
- Some AltaLink utility work is packing down a small portion of trail about 3km before Baker Creek. Skiable.

Leg 2:
- After only 1.5km east of Baker, skiers will cross to the S side of the BVP, and may have to ski along the edge of the BVP (or run) for 150m. This is due to AltaLink’s ongoing work on the power line under which we have usually skied. A new trail will continue on the S side and join the usual trail set for the winter.

Leg 3:
- Near the end of leg 3, and after crossing Johnston Creek and entering Johnston Canyon Campground, a volunteer will direct skiers to run on the (now) gravel road 300m to the checkpoint. Yep, maintenance work.

Leg 4:
- The steeper downhill portions of the Hillsdale Split will be groomed, not trackset.
- The ski track approaching the finish line will be up on the snowbank. The vegetation and terrain dictate it.

Check back for additional updates or changes to course. A final update will be posted on Saturday at 6pm. Additional commentary and photos can be found from our friend,

Start your taper.

Tuesday, Jan 7

Banff shuttle to LL: Space is still available on our shuttle departing Banff’s Central Park at 0700h, arriving at the Chateau by 0800h. Cost is $15 cash at the bus (small, unmarked bills preferred).

If you didn't sign up for the shuttle during registration and would like to take advantage of this service, please email ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni. Similarly, if you need to cancel your shuttle booking, please advise by sending an email.

These buses will also transport skiers, at no charge, between checkpoints and then rotate between the finish line at Sawback to both Central Park and the Banff Centre from about 1230h until 1530h.

Saturday, Jan 5

Following a great dump of snow on Thursday, trail packing and track setting have begun. And we even have a ParksCan permit! Crews were out today snowshoeing/“ski touring” the Hillsdale Split (leg 4) and initial sled passes of leg 3. Short sections of leg 2 east and west of Baker Creek are currently closed because of ongoing AltaLink power line work, but they will be available for us to track set after the 15th. At this time, perhaps the nicest portion is Castle Lookout westbound towards Protection Mountain Campground and return. See you on the trail!

Eastbound, ascending Hillsdale Split

Jan 3, 2019

HNY all! This is a reminder that the deadline for partial refunds ($35) is tomorrow, Friday, Jan 4 by 8 pm. Please send a note to ac.teppol|oj#ac.teppol|oj that you are unable to attend (Sorry to hear that.) and we will pass your spot onto someone in the waiting pool.

Dec 17, 2018

The Mountaineer Lodge in Lake Louise is offering a 15% discount for Fri/18 and/or Sat/19 nights, if you book directly with them. Just mention "LL to Banff Loppet".

Dec 4, 2018

Thanks to all who registered last Saturday and will be joining us on Sunday, Jan 20. We have closed the waiting pool list with 25 skiers hoping for a loppet entry. We would appreciate hearing from any registered skiers who cannot ski the loppet, so that we can offer their spot to someone on the list.

Dec 1, 2018

If you were unsuccessful at registering for the 2019 Loppet, a waiting pool has been created. Send the solo or team members' names, ages, and phone numbers to ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni; you will be contacted if spaces open up.

Nov 28, 2018

A reminder that the 2019 registration opens this Saturday, December 1 at 0800h MST on Please have your demographic information at the ready, including (if appropriate) team member names, ages, and phone numbers.

The 50km (4 legs) loppet will occur on Sunday, January 20, 2019.

Nov 8, 2018

Our Environmental Assessment has been approved by Parks Canada. Start your training. Loppet on!

Nov 2, 2018

Hi friends,

After a one year hiatus, our loppet is returning to the valley! The Bow Valley Parkway reopened this summer following a major road rebuild at Morant’s Curve (leg 1). Pending Parks Canada’s approval of our Environmental Impact Assessment, the loppet will be held on Sunday, January 20 (snow/cold weather backup date of Sunday, January 27.) After lengthy discussions with Parks, we are no longer able to ski through the ‘backswamp’ (leg 5); thus the 2019 loppet will be on our previously used 50km course, ending at the Sawback picnic area. Four legs with 200 skiers (solo or teams of 2, 3 or 4. No solo and team members combined). Free bus shuttles will bring skiers from the Sawback finish line back to Banff's Central Park and to the Banff Centre. We plan to open online registration on Zone4 at 0800h (MST), Saturday, December 1.

Now, many of us (organizers, participants and volunteers) have all felt the ‘loppet love’, but several committee members are feeling the need to take the hefty loppet retirement package. As a committee, we didn’t want 2017 to have been the unintended final loppet after so many great years. Perhaps 30 loppets?! That being said, the committee is looking for some of you nordic ski enthusiasts to pick up the cause for future loppets by joining the organizing committee and assuming some of our roles. Feel confident that the transition would be well supported by outgoing members. Plus, there’s the use of the corporate jet.

In the meantime, start your taper.

Jan 24

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?! We hope it was, whether you skied one leg or six legs, as a solo or team member, whether you placed first or “just off the podium”. We hope you felt like Karen did.


If you are in the Bow Valley, try to ski the track before the sun, wind and those pesky willows take back the trail.

Lost and found: lululemon black & grey headband, mens Craft jacket. Contact ac.teppol|oj#ac.teppol|oj .

See you on the trail!

Jan 23

2017 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet Results

Link to Results Pages

1800h Jan 21

Ready Freddie?! Further to this morning’s course update:

Leg 1: We anticipate starting on Lake Louise as planned, 0900h.
Leg 3 (Baker to Lookout): After the road crossing near Protection Mtn campground, there is surface water on the trail as you parallel the railway. Step lightly!
Leg 4: (Lookout to Silver City): Follow the flagged skier set track on the high side of an ice flow.
Leg 5: (Silver City to Johnston Campgrd): The road in the campground has been plowed, but sufficient snow remains for you to ski on the road for the last 300m to the checkpoint.

See below for today’s 0800h update.

0800h Jan 21

Grooming crews will be out today resetting as much of the course as possible. Extraordinary trail info:

Leg 1: Fairmont Chateau track setters are packing the lake for start lanes but experiencing some mush. As has happened before, we may start the loppet just off the lake on the teaching lanes above the washrooms in the public parking lot. We will know the start area status tomorrow morning. If today, we will post an update.

The end of leg 1 (and relay exchange) is at the end of Fairview Dr. Driving from the Chateau, turn R at the first 4-way stop, drive 2 km through the ‘closed’ campground to the level rail crossing.

Leg 2: expect to walk/run up Morant’s Curve on the edge of the road. Road plowing prevents a track from being set.

Leg 4: The ice flow/ground seepage problem 1 km west of Castle Junction has not be tamed and a flagged skier set route is above it. 

Leg 6: Ah, the Hillsdale Split! A groomed trail is in place for the downhill portions, but skiers can walk/run portions on the road if they wish.

1) 0700h Banff shuttle bus [if applic]
2) 0800h package pickup in the Chateau convention centre
3) 0830h course update
4) 0900h loppet start
5) 1700h reception

Start your training.

Jan 18

So you want to ski, do you? We’ll be ready for ya! With the exception of Castle Lookout to Castle Junction, the track is set and will be reset before Sunday. We are waiting for cooler weather to deal with a pesky 20m wide ice flow from ground water seepage 1 km west of Junction. It will likely have a skier set path above it. Trail crews are out pruning the willows, but some of them seem to grow back overnight.

It is mild in the valley now, but current forecasts predict LL overnight low of -18C/start -9C at 0900h start time and a Banff area high of -4. But that could all change with Friday’s inauguration.


Jan 15

Yesterday our volunteer crew set track from Castle Junction to the finish at Sawback. Baker Creek to Castle Lookout is also set. The remaining sections will be set/reset this week. There is a 30m icy portion of trail due to ground seepage 1km west of Castle Junction. We’ll work on it this week. In the meantime, willow pruners will be out touching up what they can. The section from Protection Mtn to Lookout over the bumps is spectacular!

Click Here for shortened course description and map. And check back through the week for further updates. Balmy weather ahead…peel off the down parka.

Jan 13

Yesterday we received Parks' decision about access to the Backswamp/Healy Pit (Leg 5):

In part, “There is still a wolf warning in Banff National Park due to aggressive behaviour and the current priority to collar the wolves has necessitated baiting in the Healy Pit area. The area is currently closed for public safety, and it is not advisable or safe to permit foot/ski/snowshoe access for route preparations or to run the race through this area.” 

In addition to the wolf activity in the Backswamp, wolves have been sighted along the BVP. There remains the possibility that the loppet could still be rerouted or delayed if wildlife activity or a kill site is deemed to put skiers at risk. Parks Canada suggests skiers carry bear spray with them. 

As a result, we will:
- shorten the course to approx 50 km, ending at the Sawback Picnic area (like flood years 2014, 2015)
- delay all morning events by one hour (now 8:00 am package pick-up, 8:30 meeting, 9:00 start)
- to accommodate the 17 teams of 5 or 6 skiers, the 4 legs will be split into 6 legs (like 2001, 2003, 2006 due to low snow cover beyond Sawback)
- leg 1: Chateau to LL/Fairview Dr. rail crossing (cars turn R onto Fairview Dr. at first 4-way stop below Chateau, drive 2 km through ‘closed’ campground to checkpoint (leg is 9 km)
- leg 2: LL rail crossing to Baker Creek (12 km)
- leg 3: Baker Creek to Castle Lookout (old leg 2; 10 km)
- leg 4: Castle Lookout to Silver City pullout, 1 km east of Castle Junction (6 km)
- leg 5: Silver City to Johnston Canyon Campground (6 km)
- leg 6: Johnston Canyon Campground to Sawback (old leg 4; 7 km)

As well,
- solo skiers skiing leg 1 for a team will continue to do so
- the 2.5 hour cutoff at Baker Creek (now end of leg 2) remains in effect
- with the shortened course, there is no longer a skating leg (old leg 6)
- shuttle buses will be provided from the Sawback finish to Banff (Central Park & The Banff Centre)
- free access & towel to Sally Borden rec centre at TBC by showing loppet bib
- reception in the Kinnear building at The Banff Centre will remain at 5pm. Food and drink for skiers and volunteers, please

You know the old joke about not trying to outrun a bear. In this case, you don’t need to outski the wolf, just the skier next to you. 

Start your taper. Or start your training.

Jan 12
Your loppet volunteers are working hard to get the sun and moon to align. We only received the Parks permit for track setting yesterday, so our trail crew will be out packing today and setting first tracks over the weekend. Baker Creek has track set Leg 2 (Baker to Castle Lookout). The LL Bow River loop is now set, following the closure due to ice jams.

Parks is keeping us informed about verified wildlife activity (especially wolves) along the Parkway and in the Backswamp (leg 5). As has happened with other events (marathon, gran fondo), it is possible we may face rerouting, delays or closures (thus shortening the course). We are putting contingency plans in place and hope to have a better idea by Monday/16 after meeting with Parks.

An update on weekend track setting and wildlife implications will be posted Monday or Tuesday and updated thereafter. And it is warming up!

Jan 2
Happy New Year! This is a reminder that the deadline for cancelling your registration and receiving a partial refund ($35) is before January 6 (i.e. before the end of this Thursday/5th). Please send an email to ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni with your details. Cancelled positions will be offered to some hopeful skiers on the wait list.

Do a snow dance…we need more snow at the east end of the valley. And hydrate!

Dec 14
Thanks for everyone’s keen interest in the loppet. Our event sold out online last Saturday in 11 minutes. As much as we would love to have many more of you enjoying our unique loppet trail, we must respect the limit of 200 skiers we have agreed to with Parks Canada. Waitlist requests have been noted and if registered skiers withdraw (refund deadline of Jan 6), we will fill those places from the waitlist.

Dec 10 8:11am
Registration is now full, if you would like to join the waitlist please email ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni
List of registrants here

Dec 9
Registration opens tomorrow at 8AM
at Zone4

Nov 30
The 2017 loppet is scheduled for Sunday January 22nd with a backup date of Sunday January 29th.

Like everyone waiting for our first big snowfall in the Bow Valley, loppet skiers are waiting for registration to open! Ongoing course routing discussions with Parks Canada and AltaLink have meant it is necessary to delay loppet registration by one week. Registration for the 2017 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay will open at 8AM on Saturday December 10th, on the website and NOT on Saturday December 3rd as was posted earlier.

Course Update:
There will be some minor course alterations this year due to AltaLink's utility powerline work between Lake Louise and Banff. There are no changes to the checkpoint locations and negligible distance differences to the legs. We anticipate the following changes to the course due to ongoing work crew activities:

Leg 1: Rather than turning right off the old Corral Creek roadbed and skiing along Corral Creek towards Morant’s Curve, skiers will continue straight to the Corral Creek picnic area at the Bow Valley Parkway, turn right and ski adjacent to the BVP and rejoin the trail before Morant’s Curve.

Leg 2: Leaving Baker Creek parking lot, the winter trail will be to the right side of the power line cut, rather than in its more usual centre placement. Further on, the trail will approach but not enter Protection Mountain Campground. The road crossing to the south side of the BVP will occur before PMC and connect with the usual winter trail paralleling the train tracks.

Leg 3: Leaving Castle Lookout parking lot, the winter trail will be as close as possible to the centre of the power line cut, as Altalink brush clearing could be in progress.

As loppet day approaches, we will update this information with any other changes.

Start your taper.

Oct 3, 2016
Registration for the 2017 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay will open at 8AM on Saturday December 3rd.
Race Day is scheduled for Sunday January 22nd with a backup date of Sunday January 29th.

Jan 25

Thanks for your enthusiasm for our event yesterday. We are recycling “lost & found” items back to their owners - think of them as draw prizes! Contact Jo at moc.duolci|ojnnul#moc.duolci|ojnnul.

1) black MEC ski bag
2) Nord Outdoor double bottle waist pack
3) white Dehlie toque
4) blue insulated Purist water bottle
5) 2015 LLBLoppet blue/green striped toque
6) Soda Stream water bottle

Results are posted here
Great article and photos over at SkierBob

Sat, Jan 23 6:30pm

Track setters have completed their work today following some fresh show from LL to Castle and a little rain from Castle to Banff. Yep, this is January. We think we have a very good course for you tomorrow. More details at the 0730 meeting, but apart from the great track expect leg1) an 800m run up Morants Curve, leg 3) mixed snow and icy track between Castle Lookout and Castle Junction, legs 4 and 5) track set periodically on the dirty snow banks, leg 6) after leaving the Healy/ Cave and Basin trail (skate and classic), there is about 800m of hard packed ski trail where it was not possible to groom or set track. Still skiable. Grooming and track setting resume on river to finish. Follow the orange LLBL flags!

Remember Oscar Wilde’s words as you push through your leg(s), "Everything is going to be fine in the end. If it’s not fine, it’s not the end”.

Thu, Jan 21

No worries about a January deep freeze! Grooming is being completed or redone in the next 48 hours. Some details:
1) Some portions of the ski trail near the road are gritty. Older skis and larger pole baskets are advisable. Stone grinding of bases is provided free of charge.
2) To speed the verbal transfer of checkpoint times, we will be recording times to the nearest minute, not seconds. The finish line (end of leg 6) will record to the nearest second, lest there be sprints!
3) end of leg 3: the final 500m of Johnson Canyon Campground road has been plowed by contractors. We will know on Saturday if sufficient new snow has fallen for a track to be set. Else skiers can run to the checkpoint.
4) skiers beginning leg 6: Carrying your skis and poles, you must run across the Sunshine overpass into the Healy Creek parking lot and begin your ski leg there. You may not climb over the highway barrier to access the trail early. A volunteer will direct you into the parking lot. Leg 6 will be set for skating and classic.

Check back for a final update on Saturday evening. Start your taper. Really.

Sat, Jan 16

Crews have been busy today and most of the 72km course has been track set and is ready for your dining and dancing pleasure! What has been packed but not set is from Muleshoe rail crossing (leg 5.5) through the Backswamp to the Sunshine overpass (end of leg 5) and the river into Banff (second half of leg 6). We anticipate resetting the entire course on Friday or Saturday next week. In the meantime, get out and enjoy the course. Start your taper, and if not, start your training!

Jan 14

Race Deal at Mountaineer Lodge

Thanks to Mountaineer Lodge in Lake Louise for special loppet rates at their hotel.
They are offering a 20% discount for participants
Follow link

Jan 10

This weekend crews have been busy sledding from Castle Junction over the Hillsdale Split and on to Muleshoe (legs 3.5 to 5.5) packing the trail in preparation for track setting next weekend. Great snow this year! As well, next weekend we will prepare the Backswamp trail to Sunshine (leg 5.5 to 6). As shown below, we are still perfecting a new technique of banking the corners!


Jan 5

Building the ramp on leg 1 up to Morant's Curve


Jan 4, 2016

Happy New Loppet Year!
Trail crews began snowshoeing and fat-skiing the course this weekend and it is looking great! We will begin skidoo packing sections next weekend when we receive our Parks permit. In the meantime, we remind you that the deadline for cancelling your spot from the loppet and receiving a $35 refund is midnight, Friday, January 8. If any cancellations are received, we will offer those positions to skiers on the wait list. Start your taper.

Dec 7

We have now closed the waiting list. Thanks to everyone for your interest in the race.

Dec 5 (8:15am)

The hardest part of the loppet is over. Getting in! If you can ski as quickly as you can enter data, we have to get more awards. If you were unsuccessful, please email ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni with your details (name(s), category, age(s), an email contact) and we’ll add you to the waiting list. No guarantees, but each year there are some spaces that open up.

Start your taper.

Dec 4

Registration Tips

Registration opens tomorrow morning (Saturday, December 5) at 8AM sharp on Zone4. Here are a few tips to help you speed through the process. We are planning a full 72km race this year with 6 legs for solo skiers or teams of 2-6.

The loppet cost is $59 per skier regardless of how many legs, which includes Zone4's credit card and processing fees.

The optional one-way bus shuttle from Banff to the start of the race is $10 per person. Remember to select and pay for the bus shuttle during registration if you wish to use the service (departs Central Park, Banff at 6AM on race day and drops you off at the Chateau Lake Louise)

Teams: One person (Team Captain) must sign up all team members at the same time under the same registration transaction, paying for everyone and then getting them to reimburse you.
You will need to give your team a name. Your team is not required to ski the legs in the order you register the team skiers. The person registering will need the following information for each team member:

First name
Last name
Phone Number
Age on Race Day

Solo AND Team skier: A solo skier can also ski leg 1 for a team at no additional cost as long as are include in the team registration. Make sure to select solo category as well as team category on registration.

It helps us greatly if you can enter all of this info at registration time but if you are unsure of any of the details, use your best judgement.

Mixed Teams: To be eligible for Mixed Team awards, the team must be one third or one half opposite gender.

To recognize nordic skiing as a "life sport", new this year is an additional category for solo male and female skiers who are 65 or older.

If you do not secure any of the 200 places for the 2016 loppet, please email us at ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni with your name, phone number, category and number of skiers. We will create a "waiting list" and do our best to find you a place.

Nov 5
Loppet registration will open at 8AM on Saturday December 5th!
Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details.

Sep 18
Here is a great review of the changes to the Healy Creek leg of the trail. Thanks to Bob Truman at

Sep 15
Welcome back to the 2016 loppet! Planning is underway for a full length Sunday, Jan 24 departure at 0800h. Our backup date due to snow conditions or frigid temps is Sun, Jan 31. On-line registration details to follow.

Jan 20

Race report and lots of photos at SkierBob

Jan 19

Corrected Results now posted here

Photos posted here

Jan 18

Race Day Photos


View Slideshow

Jan 16

Ready Freddie?! Forecasted temps for the Lake Louise start on Sunday are -9C overnight and -7C at the 0900h start. The Sawback finish area might be just below 0C. Where there are diverging trails on the loppet course, orange flagging will be used to mark the loppet trail.

Course update:
Leg 1: Passing under the TCH overpass, skiers will need to gingerly ski across the snow covered rocks. Later, exiting the trail at Morants Curve skiers will need to walk/run 900m up the road and rejoin the trail on the right. Insufficient snow on the road or snowbank prevents us from setting a track.
Leg 2: It doesn't get any prettier than this!
Leg 3: Ditto, though there are some pesky willow branches sticking up as you ski through Moose Meadows (no different than any other year!)
Leg 4: Crews have set an uphill track on the Hillsdale Split and a track on low sloping downhills. A groomed trail without a track is set on the steeper downhills. Due to challenging terrain, some of the trail is on top of flattened snowbanks containing winter road debris. As previously posted, if possible, it is best not to use your primo skis. This event offers free stone grinding of ski bases on Leg 4."

Package pickup at the Chateau (bottom floor of Conference Centre) beginning at 0800h. Pre-event meeting at 0830h.


Jan 11

The entire 50 km track is in! (Well, almost!). Volunteers set a track from Castle Junction to the finish at Sawback this afternoon. The remaining short section on Leg 1 between Lake Louise campground and Morants Curve will be set early this week. We anticipate the entire course will be reset again at the end of the week. The Moose Meadows portion of Leg 3 is very 'willowy'; volunteers have been snipping as much as they can. On Legs 3 and 4 there are a few 100-200m stretches where we had to set track on the snowbank beside the road. Road debris is evident and skiers are advised not to use their primo skis, if they have a choice.

A final track report will be posted on Friday evening.

Jan 10

Various crews have been out packing and pruning portions of the trail. Leg 1: ParksCan continues to trackset trails down to LL campground. Baker Creek will be track setting from LL campground to Baker early next week.
Leg 2: Baker Creek has track set from Baker to Castle Lookout. It's fantastic! Leg 3: Castle Mountain has trackset from Castle Lookout to the Junction. The remainder of Leg 3 and all of Leg 4 will be trackset tomorrow.
We anticipate that all portions of the loppet trail will be reset at the end of next week.

As in previous years, we anticipate there will be short sections along the 1A/Bow Valley Parkway that are not tracked (terrain or snowplow affected) and skiers will be advised to take their skis off and run or walk.

No snow and mild temperatures in the forecast for next week. Start your taper!

Jan 6

Yippee-yahoo! Snow is falling on the course, volunteers have snowshoed the always interesting Hillsdale Split and sleds are out packing the trail prior to track setting. We hope that 'all systems are go' for you but if you need to cancel, please email us at ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni before 6pm, Friday, Jan 9. We will refund you $35 and extend your place to a skier on the wait list.

Space is available on our 0700h shuttle-bus to the start. Cost is $10, paid at the bus; please email a request.

Change facilities and showers are available at The Banff Centre's Sally Borden Building beside the reception. Just show your bib ($2 towel charge).

Please check back periodically for future updates. In the meantime, apply one final coat of pine tar to your wooden skis.

Dec 24

We have closed the wait list. If your name is already on the wait list we will update you as we get closer to race day should anything open up.

Dec 15

Race Deal at Mountaineer Lodge

Thanks to Mountaineer Lodge for special race day rates at their hotel.

$125 per night (reg $155) - Standard Two Queen Guest Room
$135 per night (reg $165) - Standard One King

Rate includes breakfast daily.
Mention Promo Code: SKIRACE

Available January 16, 17 & 18, 2015. Double occupancy.

Dec 13, 2014 (12:51pm)

Registration is now full.
We will accept additions to the wait list for a short period. Please email ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni with details and we will confirm that you are on the list.

Dec 13, 2014 (8:50am)

The race is almost full. 21 spots left as of 8:50am.
Don't miss out.

Dec 12

Registration Tips

Registration opens tomorrow morning (Saturday, December 13) at 8AM sharp on Zone4. Here are a few tips to help you speed through the process.

The loppet cost is $55 per skier regardless of how many legs, which includes Zone4's credit card and processing fees.
The optional bus shuttle from Banff to the start of the race is $10 per person.

Remember to select and pay for the bus shuttle during registration if you wish to use the service (departs Central Park, Banff at 7AM on race day and drops you off at the Chateau Lake Louise)

Note that the shuttle from the finish line at Sawback to the Banff Centre is free and will operate first come first served, no registration required.

Teams: One person (Team Captain) must sign up all team members at the same time under the same registration transaction, paying for everyone and then getting them to reimburse you.
You will need to give your team a name. Your team is not required to ski the legs in the order you register the team skiers.
The person registering will need the following information for each team member:

First name
Last name
Phone Number
Age on Race Day

It helps us greatly if you can enter all of this info at registration time but if you are unsure of any of the details, use your best judgement.

Mixed Teams: To be eligible for Mixed Team awards, the team must be 50/50 male/female so either 2 skiers, one male and one female each skiing 2 legs or 4 skiers, two male and two female each skiing one leg.

Dec 7


Leg 2 from Baker Creek to Castle Lookout is 'open for business'!

Dave Millard (loppet committee) and Chris MacDonald (solo Women 50+) enjoy the trail, thanks to the track setting efforts of Mike Huminuik (Baker Creek)

Dec 5

The Alberta World Cup Society is hosting the NorAm Western Canadian XC Ski Championships at Lake Louise on January 15 and is looking for volunteers! Click for further information.

Nov 15

The flood damaged Healy Creek bridge and trail will not be reconstructed before the upcoming loppet. Hence, the loppet will finish at the Sawback Picnic area on the 1A. (50km, 4 sections, up to 4 relay members). Shuttle service from the finish to Banff will be provided by the organizers. Start your taper.

Nov 5

Pending Parks Canada approval, the 2015 loppet will be held on Sunday, January 18 (backup date Sunday, January 25). At this time we are not sure whether or not the Healy Creek bridge (leg 6) will be reconstructed this winter in time for the loppet. This will determine if the 2015 is (again) 50km or 72km. Prior to on-line registration opening on December 13th (8:00), we will provide a course update.

Jan 20

Results are posted here
Photos are posted here
Blog Posts & Articles here

Jan 18 (6PM)

Welcome back to another loppet! Here is the final trail update.

Leg 1: starts on the lake at 0900h; multiple, parallel tracks will be set tomorrow morning, leading to two tracks off the lake. Expect crusty conditions exiting the lake. Morant's Curve needs to be run up because a track could not be set on the berm.
Leg 2: gob-smacking good
Leg 3: about 2 km after Castle Lookout, two descents on icy, narrow trail require caution when skied.


(taken near Johnston Campground)

Leg 4: Hillsdale Split uphill is track set and can be fully skied. Some low angle portions of downhill have been track set. Steeper portions are groomed but not set. Skiers can exit onto road and run down the Split if they so wish.

Package pickup begins at 0800h in the Chateau's Plain of Six Glacier/Saddleback conference room. Pre-event meeting at 0830h. See you there!

Jan 15

Ready, Freddy?! We nearly are! Volunteer crews have been packing and pruning the trails over the last two days. Smooth as a baby's bum. (Well, almost!) Final track setting will occur on Friday and Saturday. High winds and warm temps have not had a significant effect on the trails, though pine needles are frequent. Don't ask us how to wax for them! No new snow is forecasted. Sunday temps: LL overnight -5/morning -4, Banff overnight -5/ afternoon +1.

Leg 1 skiers should anticipate running up the road at Morant's Curve. Insufficient snow on the barrier prevents a track being set.
Leg 4 skiers should anticipate skiing and/or running on the road on parts of the uphill or downhill portion of the Hillsdale split. We will know more by Saturday after seeing if any additional snowplowing affects our preferred track setting route.

Please continue to check this website for further updates. A final update will be posted by 1800h Saturday.

Jan 10

Excellent snow cover over the entire 50 km course…Loppet track is set from Chateau through to Castle Junction (legs 1, 2 and first 4 km of leg 3). Volunteers will be out this weekend to machine pack from Castle Junction to the finish at Sawback. We expect to set track on this portion through next week.
Snow in the BNP weekend forecast. Come out and ski any of the first 35k. Or have you started your taper already?!

Jan 4


If for any reason you will be unable to use your spot at the 2014 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay you have until midnight tomorrow (January 5th) to let us know and receive a $35 refund.
Please let us know if you are unable to attend and we will offer your spot to someone on the wait list.

Dec 27

Exciting news!…click here to learn of new nordic ski trails in Banff National Park

Dec 21

Loppeteers! The Mountaineer Lodge in Lake Louise has joined us as a sponsor and is offering a great b&b rate.


Mention the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet for their special rate. A standard room will be $116 plus taxes, which includes breakfast.

Dec 16, 2013

Registration is full and we have closed the wait list. If your name is already on the wait list we will update you as we get closer to race day should anything open up.

Dec 15, 2013 (9:10am)

Registration is now full.
We will accept additions to the wait list for a short period. Please email ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni with details and we will confirm that you are on the list.

Dec 14, 2013

Registration opens tomorrow (15th) at 8am at Zone4

Just a reminder that this year, due to flood damage, we are running a shortened course with 4 legs ending at Sawback.
We can accept solo entries or teams of 2, 3 or 4.
If you are registering a team you must register the whole team at the same time under one transaction.

Once we have reached our capacity we will open a wait list in case there are any cancellations.
To join the wait list please email us at ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni with your name and number of skiers, category and contact information.

Nov 29, 2013

Welcome to the 2014 loppet! As previously noted, spring flooding has necessitated a shortened loppet. So…

1) The loppet will end at the Sawback picnic area (end of leg 4, 50 km), where we have previously finished in "low-snow" years.
2) A periodic bus shuttle will be available at the finish to bring skiers to the Banff Centre throughout the afternoon. No charge.
3) Start time in Lake Louise is 9:00 am, not the usual 8:00 am. Time for an extra cup of joe.
4) Teams can have up to 4 skiers. Mixed teams are made of 2 male and 2 female.
5) With reduced teams of 4 and a compressed time to compute results (see #7), we have removed the option of individual skiers also skiing the first leg for a team.
6) The usual cut-off time for the end of leg 1 (Baker Creek) remains 2.5 hours.
7) With the shorter distance, the awards reception at the Banff Centre will be at 4:00 pm instead of 5:00 pm.

With the shorter distance, we hope many of you will consider skiing the entire 50 km. Think of it as training for the 2015 full distance!

Other event information can be found on this website.

On-line registration opens at 0800h on Sunday, December 15. Have your credit card warmed up. It's our version of a Black Friday sale!

Oct 23, 2013

Welcome to the 2014 Lake Louise TOWARDS Banff Loppet and Relay!

What we know…first, the loppet date is Sunday, January 19 with an alternate date of Sunday, January 26 (due to snow conditions or cold weather), second, on-line registration will open up on website at 0800h on Sunday, December 15.

What we don't know…where will the loppet finish? Details, details! Leg 6 (Healy Creek trail from the Sunshine Road to Banff) received significant damage in the June floods. The bridge was washed out and major trail erosion occurred further along the trail paralleling the creek. It is anticipated that the trail will be repaired in Spring 2014.

The Sunshine Road overpass is not a safe location to end the loppet after Leg 5, so your organizing committee is putting on its collective thinking cap. Possible locations to end the loppet are at the end of Leg 4 (Sawback picnic area, 50 km, and previously used in low-snow years) or midway along Leg 5 in a suitable spot. An announcement of the finish location and the number of legs (important for relay teams) will be posted on our website by December 1.

Start your training taper!

Jan 22
Team results and splits have now been posted, thanks for your patience everyone.

Jan 22
Sorry for the delay. Solo results are now posted. Team results will be posted later today.

Jan 20
Live Race Day Photos
As coverage allows, we will post photos from the course during the 2013 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay.


View Slideshow

Jan 19, 7PM
We are ready to go! Trail conditions are as follows:

Leg 1: access the starting tracks from the LEFT side of the lake (well away from the ice castle skating rink. There is slush under the snow behind the ice castle. Stay straight on the main tracks through the campground (there are tracked loops that veer off right and left. Pine needles have blown down on parts of their trail towards Morant’s Curve. A wide tracked skiable berm sits above the road at Morant’s Curve – skiers can elect to run on the road.

Leg 2: fantastico!

Leg 3: wunderbar!

Leg 4: Report are there is just one hill. Skiers may choose to run on the road on the downhill portion. It is packed wide enough to snowplow.

Leg 5: After the Muleshoe rail crossing, there is a little slush showing for about 100m. Reports from “Skier Bob” Truman indicate you are best to stay on the packed track rather than veering off.

Leg 6: Set for classic and skating. After exiting the Healy Creek and Sundance trails, skiers drop onto the Bow River for the last 2 km to the finish. There is 300m of wet track that we are hoping will freeze overnight. Crews will be resetting the track in the morning, but skiers will probably have to ski without a track over this section.

Large pole baskets and a scraper are recommended for these legs.

See you at 0730 for our meeting at the Chateau! (Convention Centre, lower level)

Jan 19
Please remember that someone from each team will need to pick up the team's race bibs from The Chateau Lake Louise tomorrow morning unless the leg one skier is prepared to distribute them down the line in which case you will obviously have a bit of a time delay. This is of particular note for teams that have a skier skiing solo as well as for their team.
Registration will be at 7:00AM in the Plain of Six Glacier/Saddleback room which is downstairs in the Conference Centre wing (same place as last year). A race briefing will follow at 7:30AM.
We will post a further update this evening outlining any course issues etc.

Jan 18
We still have room on the shuttle bus so please let us know if you'd like to register. $10 gets you a ride from Banff up to Lake Louise for the start of the race.
The race registration pickup will be in The Plain of Six Glaciers/Saddleback rooms which are located downstairs in the Conference Centre wing at the Chateau. This is the same location as last year.

Jan 16
Two sleds have run over the course today from Castle Junction to the Muleshoe rail crossing. It will be track set Friday or Saturday. Poles with larger baskets than what you might use on pristine, packed corduroy are recommended!

Jan 14
Jo and Dave complete the first recorded alpine ski traverse of Moose Meadows.


Avalanche conditions were considerable, but the pair traveled without incident!


Jan 13 2013
For this year's loppet we appear to be blessed with plenty of snow and a warming temperature trend through the final week. The track has been packed and set from the Chateau to Castle Lookout and many skiers were out this weekend enjoying legs 1 and 2. From Castle Lookout to the Sunshine overpass (legs 3, 4 and 5), crews have been out in the past few days snowshoeing and wide-ski packing the trail to help it set up for sled packing and then track setting. There is a lot of snow out there! Tracksetting legs 3, 4 and 5 will occur this week. Leg 6 (Healy Creek trail and the Bow River) have been set, but will be reset during the week.

1) mid leg 3: At one of the 1A parkway pull-outs, snowplowing has meant skiers will have to ski/run along the road for 100m.
2) end leg 3: Entering Johnston Canyon Campground, utility contractors have plowed the campground road for the last km to the checkpoint. It is uncertain at this time if a track can be set over this section. Sufficient snow covers the road for skiers to skate ski.

Additional updates will be posted as needed.

Jan 10 2013
Unfortunately, as the Chateau is virtually sold out for the Ice Magic weekend of Jan 19 and 20, there is no preferred room rate for participants in the loppet. Please seek accommodation with the other hoteliers in Lake Louise, Baker Creek or Castle Mountain.

Jan 5, 2013
Tracksetting is underway and things are looking good!


January 6 is the deadline for cancellations with a full refund. We have lots of people on the wait list so please contact us by midnight Sunday if you decide to give up your spot.
We will contact those skiers on the wait list later this week with an update if any spots have opened up.

Dec 17, 2012
We have now closed the wait list. Thank you to everyone for your interest. If and when any spots come available we will notify people in order. We will provide periodic updates to all those who are on the list.

Dec 15, 2012 (8:55am)
Registration is now full.
We will accept additions to the wait list for a short period. Please email ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni with details and we will confirm that you are on the list.

Dec 15, 2012 (8:40am)
Registration is over 90% full

Dec 15, 2012 (8:30am)
Registration is over 80% full

Dec 15, 2012 (8:20am)
Registration is over 50% full

Dec 15, 2012 (8:00am)
Registration is now live!

Dec 9, 2012
Registration will open at 8am on Saturday December 15 here

Please note that registration filled up on opening day last year so please get your teams organized and be ready to go at 8am sharp on Saturday December 15.

Please consider making use of the bus shuttle ($10) if appropriate. This is especially useful for solo skiers as you can park your car at the finish line in Banff, take the bus to the start of the race and ski back to your waiting car.

For those skiers interested in booking a room at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise for a night or two before the loppet, we are still waiting to hear back from FCLL about a preferred room rate and booking code. Ice Magic is the same weekend at the FCLL, so rooms book up quickly. Please check back periodically for further news.

Oct 19, 2012
We have set a tentative date for the 2013 loppet of Sunday January 20th with a backup date of Sunday, January 27th (pending approval from Parks Canada).
Registration will open December 15th

Jul 31, 2012


Ginzu groomer, our new loppet family member, purchased with a generous donation and loppet proceeds

Jan 25, 2012
More photos and Team MitoCanada's race report. Some video from the course too. Plus great post-race video of the backswamp.

Jan 24, 2012
Some great race reports
Bob Truman
Ellie Greenwood

Jan 23, 2012


Chuck O'Callaghan took some excellent photos yesterday, check our photos page for more

Jan 23, 2012
Results are posted here

Jan 22, 2012

Live Race Day Photos
As coverage allows, we will post photos from the course during the 2012 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay.


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Jan 21, 2012 (9PM)
The conditions for tomorrows race are excellent.
You may wish to run larger baskets, if you have them, to help with softer sections of track.
Some slushy sections have been reported close to the rail tracks East of Protection Campground.
On Leg 6 after the thin section on Sundance Canyon you will turn left onto Marsh Loop as in previous years. Instead of dropping onto the river at the first bridge we have been able to extend the track to the third bridge so you will drop onto the river later on. This will be clearly signed.
The track setting in Lake Louise is looking great, they have set 10 lanes running into 2 for the start.

Jan 20, 2012
Crews have been busy today and with a few touch-ups tomorrow, everything is (almost) hunky-dory. Details…

Legs 1-3: Very good snow conditions and trackset entirely.

Leg 4: Hillsdale split has been trackset uphill and packed for the downhill. Skiers can take off their skis and run on the road if they wish.

Leg 5: Reasonable snow/track along the 1A but it has its usual inconsistencies. Totally skiable. After the Muleshoe rail crossing, the river is lightly snow covered and fast. No slush reported today. The backswamp is in very good condition.

Leg 6: Healy Creek Trail is single trackset and has a skating lane. 500 m after exiting the Healy Creek Trail onto the Sundance Canyon paved trail, the snow cover becomes minimal for one km. Skiers can choose to take off their skis and run until the track improves. Upon dropping down onto the Bow River, skiers will again find a classic track and a skating lane to the finish at Central Park.

Start your taper!

Jan 18, 2012
The stars have aligned, snow has fallen and temperatures are rising. The race is on and it's going all the way to Banff! Race start is still 8am and all other details remain the same.
Our trail crews will be out frantically setting the last 2 legs of the race over the next few days so keep an eye on the website for course updates as we go.

Jan 18, 2012
Course update will be posted this evening

Jan 16, 2012
Locals along the 1A search for trailkill. Please ski quickly on Sunday!


Pack of 6 wolves near Castle Junction on Friday. Ski quickly but drive slowly.

Jan 15, 2012
Trail crews were busy on Friday and Saturday machine packing and tracksetting parts of the course. The Hillsdale split (leg 4) was skier and machine packed and it is in better shape than previous years. The LL, Baker Creek and Castle portions are machine set and are in excellent condition (picture taken on leg 2 along "Panorama Ridge" this afternoon).


Given the poor snow conditions existing today on the river beyond Muleshoe, in the Backswamp, Healy Creek trail and the Bow River (part of leg 5 and all of 6), we would stop the loppet at Sawback Picnic area (50 km) and divide the course into 6 relay legs. However, we are monitoring this weeks temperature and snow forecast carefully. The cold snap is predicted to break on Wednesday and some new snow is expected throughout the valley. It may be sufficient to improve the last 20 kms of trail.

We will make a final decision and post it Wednesday evening. In the meantime, it is never too early to start your training!

Jan 11, 2012
Recent high winds and warm temperatures over the last week have impacted parts of the course, particularly at the Banff end of the valley. Trail crews are working hard over the next several days packing the snow and checking conditions on the river and backswamp. We'll post an update on Sunday/15th letting you know our progress.

Jan 4, 2012
The Chateau Lake Louise is offering loppet participants a special Fairmont Lakeview Room rate of $289 per night. To book a room at this rate either call 403-522-3511 ask for the Lake Louise Loppet rate 2U8LOP or go to and enter promo code PLOP

Jan 4, 2012
The deadline for cancellations with a refund ($35) is January 8.
We have more than 40 people on the waiting list so please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your registration.

Dec 15, 2011
We have reached our cap and registration is now closed.
If you would like to add your name to the waiting list please email us at ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni

Dec 15, 2011
Registration is over three quarters full already.
Don't miss out, sign up now and let your friends know.

Dec 15, 2011
Registration is now open!
Register here

Dec 13, 2011
Check out all of the awards plaques to see the previous fastest individuals and teams.

Nov 19, 2011
2012 Update!
We have set a tentative date of January 22 with a backup date of January 29.

Registration will open on December 15th.

Stay tuned for updates.

Jan 25
More photos here and a newspaper article and several race reports here

Jan 24
Lots of great videos here including the top 3 solo finishers. More to come.

Jan 24
Race Report
Great race report from Bob Truman over at

Jan 24
First set of photos posted here. We have some great video to post too.
If you have any photos from the race that you would like to share please let us know. (ac.teppol|ofni#ac.teppol|ofni)

Jan 24
Wrap Up
What a great day! "Thank you" to all of the skiers, volunteers and donors for making our loppet a great success. Full results are posted here. Great snow conditions and mild temperatures made for the best conditions in years. However, skiers are reminded that they must at least wear their race bibs. See you next year!


Jan 24
Split time results have now been added. Full results are here. Lots of photos will be added over the next few days.

Jan 23
Individual and Team results are here. Split times will be posted tomorrow.

Jan 23
Live Race Day Photos
As coverage allows, we will post photos from the course during the 2011 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay.


View Slideshow

Jan 22 (6pm)
Updated Start Area
Because of slush on the lake we will not be starting on the lake but rather in the middle parking lot directly up above the public washrooms in the public parking area beside the Chateau Lake Louise

Jan 22 (4pm)
Trail Report
Leg 3: Logging road will be signed. There has been some utility maintenance disruption to the track just before Johnston Canyon campground. Follow the signs.

Leg 4: Hillsdale Split has too much snow for us to set a track in the ditch. There is sufficient snowmobile packed snow on the shoulder of the road for skiers to ski up the Hillsdale Split. Note: One way vehicle traffic will be approaching you. Vehicles will have been alerted to skiers on the road. We recommend that skiers run down the decent of Hillsdale Split. A track is now set from the east side of Hillsdale Split all the way to Muleshoe rail crossing.
After crossing the railway tracks skiers will find the usual snowshoe packed, skier set track into and through the Backswamp to the Sunshine Overpass.

Jan 21
Trail Report
Portions of three legs continue to require our attention.

Leg 3: After passing through Moose Meadows skiers will come to a dormant logging operation (yes, in a National Park!) where it is impossible for us to set a track for several hundred metres. Skiers should anticipate having to run along the hard packed access road until they approach the railway where they will again pick up the track for their final 2kms to Johnston Canyon campground. Directional signs will be posted.


Leg 4: Snow conditions on the Hillsdale Split are making it difficult to set a track. Crews will be working tomorrow to rectify that. It is possible that skiers may need to jog portions of the uphill or downhill sections.

Leg 5: The trail was packed yesterday and a track will be set tomorrow to Muleshoe.

We will update our website late tomorrow afternoon with the latest information.

Jan 20
Trail Report
Trail crews have been busy the past few days, some having only just returned to the Bow Valley after being marooned in Field for 3 days! Here is the current state of the six legs:

Leg 1: Lots of snow! The Fairmont tracksetters (Bruce and Jeff) report excellent, cold snow. Parks Canada tracksetters are catching up on all of their trails and plan to set the Tramline and campground trail tomorrow (Friday). Chad (Baker Creek) has set from the level rail crossing in LL to Baker Creek and reports excellent conditions. They have had traces of new snow.

Leg 2: Chad has set from Baker Creek to Castle Lookout. Again, excellent conditions.

Leg 3: Ed (Castle Mtn) has set from Castle Lookout to Castle Junction and is working at packing and setting from the Junction to Johnston Canyon campground. A little east of the beginning of the leg, there is a hairy descent through tight trees. Caution is called for. As we move east, warmer daytime temps (and minimal new snow since Friday's blast) have deteriorated the snowpack a little.

Leg 4: Johnston campground to Sawback Picnic area: Being worked on. Anticipate walking some of the steeper descents of the Hillsdale Split. (Not unlike other years!)

Leg 5: Sawback to Backswamp to Sunshine overpass: track being worked on, Bow River and Backswamp have been snowshoed and skier set.

Leg 6: In running across the Sunshine overpass, remember that skiers must carry a set of skis and poles. A two foot wide plywood walkway will be laid down over the cattleguard. Healy Creek trail is having the second track taken out to allow for skating. Appreciate that the trail is crowned and narrow in parts, so it ain't skating at the Nordic Centre! After exiting off the Healy Creek/Sundance trail on to the Bow River, a skating lane and a track is set to the finish line.

Please remember that skating anywhere other than on leg 6 is not in keeping with the spirit of the "classic" loppet.

Check back on Friday night for another update!

Jan 19
New Meeting Room at Chateau Lake Louise
Please note that this year we will be holding the pre-race meeting in a new location.
The Meeting Room is the Plain of Six Glaciers and Saddleback Room, It is located in the Lower Lobby of the Mount Temple Wing. It’s much larger than the Alpine Room. Please walk to the Mount Temple Wing, Once in the main lobby take the stairs or elevator down to the lower lobby and the meeting room is down the hall, past the business centre.

Jan 15
Trail Crew at work…


Trail marking near Sawback


Packing the ramp onto the river at Muleshoe


On the river near Muleshoe. No problem with snow coverage this year!

Jan 15
Remember your mother saying, "Be careful what you wish for…you might just get it"? Well, we got it! The loppet corridor has had mega snow in the last 48 hours and we will be back out today packing the trail with snowmobiles and snowshoes. Stay tuned!

Jan 11
We have the makings of a wonderful loppet! Trail crews have built the snow ramps on and off the river at Muleshoe (leg 5) and report above average snow coverage there and on the Healy Creek trail (leg 6). Beautifully set trails were skied on Sunday at Baker Creek (leg 2). With our special track setting permit expected in the next day or two, packing will begin on the other sections.

Jan 7
We have a long waiting list of eager skiers. If you have registered for the race and will not be able to attend you still have until midnight on Sunday, January 9 to cancel and receive a partial ($35 per person) refund.
Please email as soon as possible if you wish to cancel.

Jan 6
We are no longer accepting names for the waitlist. Thank you to everyone for their interest. We will contact everyone who has already added their name in the next few days to advise their status.

Jan 5
One of our loppet sponsors, The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, has generously offered our skiers their Fairmont Mountain Rooms for $129.00 + Taxes, including complimentary covered Self Parking. The weekend offer is available for Friday and Saturday nights or Saturday night only. Please quote rate code 2U8LOP

Dec 26
The 2011 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay is now full and registration has closed.

Dec 1
Registration is now open!
Don't forget we offer a shuttle bus to the start of the race which will prove particularly useful for solo racers. Make sure you register for this at the same time.

Nov 29
Registration opens December 1st at 6am.
Added a FAQ section

Oct 18
The tentative date for the 2011 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay is Sunday, January 23 with a backup date of Sunday, January 30. We will confirm these dates as soon as possible and we anticipate registration going live on December 1.

Jan 25
Race results here

Jan 25
Safe & Sound


Paul Doyle #67, finished the 72 km at 6:45 pm after his son, Liam Doyle (#52) saw him at the Sunshine Overpass and checked on his status. Paul arrived at the Sally Borden at 7:30 and enjoyed a beer and food with loppet volunteers. Jo thought a new category/plaque should be created for the skier with the most stamina. Liam thought otherwise!

Jan 25
Race reports here

Jan 24
First photos are posted here.

Jan 22
Trail Conditions - Update 6PM
Overall there are very good conditions from the start to Castle Junction (middle of Leg 3). The snow deteriorates in quality and quantity as you ski further east towards Banff.

Leg 1 - Great conditions to Baker Creek. Underneath the Trans-Canada Highway the railway has thrown rocks up onto the ski tracks. We advise you to remove skis and walk this section.

Leg 2 – Generally good, thin coverage in campground with willows sticking up.

Leg 3 – Some thin portions with short icy downhills.

Leg 4 – We recommend you walk steep portions of the descent on the Hillsdale Split. Warning sign will be posted at start of descent.

Leg 5 - Generally thin cover, deteriorating in last couple of kms along the 1A before you cross the road at Muleshoe and drop into the river and the Backswamp. From the road crossing at Muleshoe to the train tracks we recommend you remove your skis and walk. Reasonably good conditions in the Backswamp.

Leg 6 - Trackset (to the best of our abilities) for classic and skating on Healy Creek and on the river to the finish.

For the last 2 legs (from Sawback east to Banff) we recommend rock skis if you have them.

Jan 20
Trail Conditions
The course has been trackset and is looking great. Crews will continue to fine tune the trails during the week. We have some recent photos (Jan 19 & Jan 17) of the course here and will try to post more updates as the week progresses.


Jan 19
We will be offering a limited gear shuttle this year. At the Chateau registration desk we will accept one bag per skier (gym bag sized, no skis or poles). This will be delivered to the finish line or to the wrap up party at the Banff Centre depending on your choice.
Please be considerate as we don't have a lot of room to transport extra gear. This would be particularly useful for solo skiers who are taking the bus shuttle and may be stuck at the start line with their warm up gear.

Jan 18
Registration is now closed as we have reached our limit of 160 skiers. Thanks for supporting our loppet!

Jan 17
Weekend trail crew warriors have good news to report … we fully anticipate being able to ski the full 71 km to Banff! Crews will reset the track midweek. Weather forecasts indicate a minor cooling trend by the end of the week. Any further changes will be posted here, with a final posting on Friday evening.


This elk kill was spotted today (Sunday/17) just off the trail on Leg 2. We regret that we will not be able to offer a feed zone at this location. Vegan skiers have objected.

Jan 15
Bus Shuttle Note: Please note that the Brewster bus shuttle is a one-way shuttle from Banff to the Chateau. It does not provide any transport to any checkpoints other than the start of the loppet (beginning of Leg 1). If you are racing on a team you will require your own transportation for the exchange points.

Jan 14
Recent warm temperatures throughout the Bow Valley have made loppet organizers and skiers alike all a little twitchy. Our trail crews will be out this weekend tracksetting and assessing the condition of the trails, river crossings and the backswamp area.
With this first-hand information, we will provide an update on Sunday evening/17th. Think cold, think snow!

Jan 7
It's filling up fast folks. We have 21 solo participants and 15 teams registered so far.
Don't miss out!

Jan 1
It takes a lot of great people to sponsor a race like this. Check out all the companies that support us with prizes and services in kind.

Dec 22
One of our loppet sponsors, The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, has generously offered our skiers their Fairmont Mountain Rooms for $129.00 + Taxes, including complimentary covered Self Parking. The weekend offer is available for Friday and Saturday nights or Saturday night only. Please quote rate code 2U8FAM

Dec 8
We are very excited to announce that we will be offering a Brewster shuttle bus to all skiers.
This bus departs from Central Park in Banff (located across from the Post Office and at the finish line - free parking all day) at 6:00AM on race day, dropping skiers off at the Chateau at 7:00 AM. The cost of the bus is $10 (non refundable) per person and must be paid for during registration.
Save the hassle, gas and environmental impact of driving and enjoy the time to relax before the big race. More information here

Dec 7
Added Latest News page. You can access it from the menu under "Details". The most recent news will continue to appear on the main page but the complete history is available on the Latest News page along with Twitter updates.

Dec 5
Follow us on Twitter for updates on the race preparations. On race day itself we will be posting live updates and photos as events unfold.

Dec 1
Registration is now open at Zone4.

Sep 26
Mark your calendars.
The 2010 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay will be held on January 24 with a backup date of January 31. Registration will open in November.
We hope to see you all there!

Feb 19
We have lots of great photos from the 2009 loppet. Check them out here.
For full results please check here.

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