Rules for Participants

1. Skiers must follow instructions of officials, identification of whom will be described at the pre-event meeting to be attended by individuals and team captains. Any individual or team member asked to surrender their bib by an official, for reason of safety or breach of rules, must do so at once and cease participation in the event.

2. Crossing of transportation right-of-ways is to be done only when deemed safe and instructed by an official.

3. The event will only start if the temperature is above -22°C and is expected to be maintained or exceeded over the duration of the event.

4. Any skier abandoning the event must surrender their bib to an official.

5. Skiers must pass the first checkpoint (Baker Creek) within 2 ½ hours of the start of the race or surrender their bib and discontinue official participation.

6. Skiers must follow the official course as defined in the registration instructions and at the participants meeting and as defined by flags and signage. Flags will be set out so as to lead participants on the proper course at confusing junctions. It is the responsibility of each skier to familiarize themselves with the course route.

7. Any participant surrendering their bib of their own accord or at the request of an official will no longer be considered to be participating and will be ineligible for event support.

8. This is a wilderness event and as such participants must be prepared to deal with changes of weather, changes in trail conditions, wildlife encounters (avoidance) and be prepared to render assistance to other participants.

9. This is a classic ski technique event.

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